RedBarn Catering Reviews

Many people have already discovered how good a meal made from scratch with the freshest local ingredients can be. Now, it’s your turn.

—“I'm not exaggerating when I say that these are the best meals I've ever eaten in my entire life. Fantastic people, amazing ingredients, an absolute attention to detail and genuine joy and respect for what they do. ”


—“I was recently at a four-day festival catered by Red Barn Catering. It was amazing. Every meal was thoughtfully prepared with local, fresh ingredients. Every dinner had a specific ethnic theme. It was all perfectly prepared and delicious.”
“As an event planner, I've worked with many caterers and eaten a lot of good food. Chef J. is exceptional, not only in the innovative recipes he uses to provide clients with a uniquely flavorful experience, but also in his attention and willingness to work with very restricted dietary needs. He has my gratitude, and I highly recommend RedBarn Catering without reservation. ”

— Marilee Karamanski
Planned Spontaneity LLC

—“The food at our wedding was outstanding. We were drawn to RedBarn Catering due to Chef J's commitment to use seasonal produce grown by local farmers. We wanted our guests to truly get a taste of Wisconsin while joining us for our grand celebration. Not only was the food delicious, but Chef J. was able to accommodate a wide variety of dietary restrictions. Beautiful, fresh, and tasty- thank you RedBarn Catering! ”

— Tanya and Lavender

—“I've been eating RedBarn Catering's food at an annual event for several years now, and I'm continually overwhelmed by its deliciousness, as well as by chef J.'s creativity, obvious love of his work, and willingness to cater (no pun intended) to people with dietary restrictions. ”

—Karen L.I.

—“Top notch food. Incredible service. Definitely a wonderful experience with the friendliest guy I've ever seen in a kitchen. Would highly recommend. ”

—Bob Straka

—“Our guests are still talking about the dinner that was prepared by Chef J. Miller! We were pleasantly surprised by J.'s willingness and ability to accommodate the unique dietary needs of the groom and other guests. The food was delicious! Everything was seasoned to perfection! The calmness and enthusiasm of J. and his staff added to a wonderful evening.”

—Michael and Kristine

—“J. cooks food that is inventive and incredibly delicious and authentic. I recently had the best Mexican food I have ever eaten prepared completely from scratch. I highly recommend J and his RedBarn Catering.

—Kate S.

—“J.'s catering combined a wonderfully homey feel with the taste of a five-star restaurant. Fresh sides, savory entrees, and great service -- above and beyond your average caterer!”

—Cassie M.

—“Chef J. catered our wedding in southern WI. Not only was he was professional but also extremely easy to work with. Our food was locally sourced and delicious, all our guests raved about it. His staff was attentive and energetic and I would highly recommend his catering business to anyone wanting delicious food and great service at their event. Thank you Chef J., I hope you can cater our 50th wedding anniversary!”

—Rachel & Ben

—“I'm a chef and J catered my wedding... I needed someone awesome because my guests had pretty high food expectations. He nailed it! woot woot”

—Cena E.

—“RedBarn catered our holiday party, and it was great. I liked the chef's emphasis on quality ingredients. And his laid-back, but definitely knowledgeable foodie-presence was on trend and special...definitely not a generic rubber chicken affair. You know it's good when people rave about the carrots.”

—Lisa A.

—“As with the other newlyweds who have posted, we hired Chef J. of RedBarn Catering to serve our wedding. There were absolutely no complaints on the food. J. was professional, friendly and easy going. We were pleased with the food and service, and the prices were quite reasonable.”

—Kristen & Lance

—“Food was delicious - ALL of it. The caterers were friendly and very professional.
Overall I was very impressed.”

—Emily F.

—“Absolutely incredible. Chef J. catered my wedding at Folklore Village in Dodgeville, WI and it was perfect. It was important to my husband and I that the food we provided our guests was both local and delicious
--Chef J. was the right choice! Thanks again, we (and all our family and friends) loved it!”

—Ashley & Sam

—“RedBarn Catering provided food for our work party. We have several catered lunches every year at work and RedBarn definitely stood out from the crowd. The food was very fresh tasting;
like real home cooking. Delicious! I highly recommend them. ”

—Madeline F.

—“The food and service are both amazing. J. catered my wedding in June, and everything was delicious, as well as aesthetically pleasing. I liked it so much, that he will be catering my baby shower in January as well.”

—Pat & Janis

—“Delicious food with beautiful presentation. Thanks J!.”

—Elizabeth L.

—“RedBarn Catering did a wonderful job at my wedding reception earlier this year. Chef J. Miller worked with us to design a fun, custom menu that veered more towards French Provincial than was shown on their website, and he was really enthusiastic about doing so. We found him to be very knowledgeable easy to work with, with a focus on using local ingredients. AND the cost was significantly more reasonable than quotes we had from other caterers for a similar amount of food and style. Chef J. even went the extra mile (literally) when he brought some items we’d forgotten at the venue back to Madison for us. RedBarn was recommended to us by a friend, and I really feel we could not have been luckier to have worked with them.”

—Monica & Tim

—“J. brought several different dishes and all of them were as good as the next.
5 stars for his professional service and quality of entrées.”

—Nate E.

—“J. was wonderful when we had him cater our holiday office lunch this past December. The food was delicious, fresh, and he served the food himself. If we have another event, we will certainly be having him cater it!
Thank you for everything!”

—Marta K.

—“We attended a weekend dance festival at Folklore Village last month and really enjoyed the food that was prepared and catered by friendly Chef J.! The food is always beautifully displayed...and it tastes wonderful! I would strongly recommend RedBarn Catering to others!”

—Wendy Coles

—“The RedBarn catered the lunch for our office holiday party in December, 2013. Everything I tasted was delicious, and the entrée options I did not choose looked equally great. Wish I could have tried them all! The choices were all creative and a refreshing change from the typical catered lunch choices. The ricotta spinach pie I chose was delicious, flavorful and fresh. I appreciated the many veggie side dishes offered as well. I would definitely recommend RedBarn and hope to find an excuse to use them for my catering needs in the future.”

—Nicole S.

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